stablished in Los Angeles, CA, in 2002 as “Jubilee Mission” by a group of university students, the ministry began with a vision to form a non-denominational fellowship of Christian musicians to aid in increasing the presence and quality of Gospel music on campuses. Through partnerships with local fellowships and Christian organizations, the ministry began its growth, gradually extending its influence into other fields of the performing arts, as well as media and education.

In 2007, Jubilee Mission changed its name to Jubilee to represent the organization’s diverse work in the field, which includes several established ministries such as the Jubilee College of Music, BREATHE Music & Dance, (est. 2002), BREATHEcast (est. 2004), the Jubilee Chorus and the Jubilee Symphony Orchestra (est. 2007).

That same year, Jubilee also began to form a Senior Advisory Board to help broaden and strengthen the ministry’s goals and strategies. Current board members include John Styll (President, Gospel Music Association), Howard Rachinski (President, CCLI), and Charley Humbard (President/CEO, Gospel Music Channel)

Jubilee currently operates in over 40 countries, including Canada, Mexico, Korea and Japan, uniting God’s gifted people locally in a global effort to spread the knowledge of Him to the ends of the earth.