JUBILEE ACADEMY is a Christian institution that provides adults and children with affordable group classes and private lessons in diverse fields of music. Located in Nashville Music Row, our selection of classes equips students with the basic music skills, including musicianship, playing an instrument, songwriting, and worship. When equipped, students can connect to the many performance opportunities associated with Jubilee Academy.
Activities includes sight-singing and melodic dictation of major and minor melodies in the F, G and C clefs, with modulation to the dominant; rhythmic drills involving simple and compound meter; diatonic harmonic dictation including triads and inversion, dominant sevenths and inversions and some secondary dominants; and sing-and-play drills involving the same harmonic material.
This seminar is held on a monthly basis to equip Christians with the understanding and high-calling of worship. Often times as Christians, we simply go through the motions of worship. But the worship that God desires is “in spirit and in truth”. This seminar will guide you through the bible and other worship resources, and teach you to live a life of worship that is holy and pleasing to God.
These lessons teach the basic violin techniques that include posture, right hand bowing, and left hand fingering. The lessons also provide experience in string ensembles played together with the instructor. Students will be able to play simple solo pieces as well as orchestral parts.
This class equips beginners with little to none experience. This class helps students to master basic keyboarding skills with ease. Through understanding scales, basic chords & rhythms, students will be able to perform their favorite songs.